I'm a sucker for family.


I hope that doesn't come across weirdly.
All I'm sayin' is this:

A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit my sister in St. George. I promised the boyfriend I would be back at 8:00 so we could hang out that night. But when it comes time for me to leave, I shoot a text to Matthew and ask for forgiveness, because I just HAVE to stay ONE more hour. The same thing happens the next hour. When I text him at 10:00, he reminds me that I had a purpose in going to St. George: To pick up a book we ordered and had sent there; a book he was selling that night to some other kid in his class. So I told him to tell the kid he could have it by 11:00. at 10:30, knowing already that I'll be a half an hour late...I begrudgingly leave mi hermana's casa.

And then take yesterday for example. I came home Monday night in order to pick up Adam from the airport on Tuesday. And it has been SO much fun seeing him again. A girl needs her big brother around; She really does. Anyway. Adam has no wardrobe. No one knows where all his clothing went.
[What's that you ask? Did I steal his clothing over the past two years to use as p.j.'s?'s not important.]
So the plan was we'd drive to the mall separately, and I would just drive to Cedar City from Provo when we were done shopping. So I pack up my suitcase and my pillows and stick them in my car and we're off. We have a lovely time shopping and I help him get some great clothes. He is one attractive man, ladies. I'm seriously tellin' ya. He's a looker. Tangent. Sorry. But...we're having such a good time together...and it's SO great to just be with him...that...I couldn't leave. We finished shopping and I just drove straight back to my house in Pleasant Grove.
[What's that you ask? Don't I have school commitments? Tests? Assignments? GUESS, but quickly ask me if I find those things important. Especially when compared with my brother.]

So yeah. I'm a sucker for family. Sadly, I really DO have to leave today at noon...:( But no worries, guys. I'm coming back Friday and then Adam is all mine. :)

Excepting the hot date he has Friday at 7:00...


  1. hahaha..quickly ask me...
    if I love this post. :]

  2. I love this post! Congrats on having the brother home! I was so excited when mine got home, so I know how you're feeling. :) Keep these posts coming. I love them all.

  3. I dont blame you for not wanting to leave your brother! It is the best when they get home :) Im sure ludlow will forgive you kalynn haha