For date night on Thursday, Jake and I went up to SLC and did one of those progressive dinner things! We started out at a little bar called Bayou where we got our appetizer. (sorry, mom. I didn't know it was a bar when I looked it up online! haha) We had fun trying something new there; an alligator sausage pie thing. Sounds a little weird, but it was delicious! Then we asked for our check, and left, haha. It felt funny only ordering an appetizer and leaving, but it really got our appetites up, so we booked it out of there to go grab some real food. 

Red Iguana was our next stop! I was a first timer there, but it's one of Jake's favorites, so he was really excited about the food. We were STUFFED by the time we finished dinner, but we weren't about to miss out on the dessert we had planned--CHEESECAKE FACTORY! We needed a little time for our dinner to settle though, so we stopped by one of the Green Bike Stations and rented bikes! 
We had so much fun riding our bikes around downtown and to the restaurant. 
Even if it was a little difficult going up one of the hills because we were so full, haha..

Between driving up to Salt Lake, making our way to each restaurant and including wait times, and the bike ride, it ended up taking us 6 hours overall, so I'm just glad Jake isn't sick of me. ;)

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