Laser tag, Deal or No Deal, enough food to feed 100 people for an entire week...must be the Petersen Family Reunion! This past weekend we had a little family reunion. Typically, we either head to Bear Lake or the ranch for our family reunions, but with two very pregnant sisters in law about to pop any second, we thought we'd play it safe and keep it close to home this year. 

All my siblings came to town and we all stayed in my mom's house. Haha, it was a mad house having 11 kids seven years old and under running around everywhere in one house for 4 days! As far as family reunions go, we didn't actually have much going on that often. It was relaxed, but we were all able to enjoy each others' company, while sneaking in a few very fun activities. The girls got our nails done, the guys saw a poorly-made movie, and the Petersens had their first biscuits and gravy breakfast, courtesy of Jake. ;)

 It was fun having everyone together again for something happier than a funeral! My dad's absence was pretty strong this weekend, and I'm just so happy to know that families are forever. 

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