I'm really not sure if a better 4th of July weekend has ever been experienced! It was all of my favorite things all packed into a few days! We started off the weekend by meeting Cami and Kyle up at their family cabin. I was thrilled to take Jake there! I have been up there a number of times with a bunch of friends, and was always eagerly looking forward to the day when I could bring someone I love up there. We shot guns, ate some good food, and thoroughly enjoyed each others' company and the great outdoors. Cami and I were inside just giggling away as the boys were outside cooking the brats for dinner. We kept spying on them, trying to watch how they interacted and how their conversation flowed. For as long as we've been friends, we've been saying that we can't wait to force our significant others to be friends, haha. What a relief that those two actually like each other and get along! Cami and I are so happy about it. :) 

As always, I loved being with those three! Friends don't get any better. I can't say it enough that I've got the best people in my life!

Mid-afternoon on Saturday, Jake and I drove straight from one cabin to the next! We spend the next couple of days at Jake's family Cabin with his family. They're really great at making you feel just like you're family. We spent our days doing puzzles, making bracelets and keychains out of boondoggle, eatings TONS of good food, roasting s'mores and popping popcorn over the fire, and getting a lot of good snuggles in with the nieces and nephews. We also spent a day on the reservoir! The water was freezing, and Jake took it upon himself to make sure everyone became accommodated to the water by dunking them under. What a guy, right?! ;) Haha, but really, we were having a blast, and I was pretty sad to leave when it all came to an end! 

From Jake's cabin, we drove straight to my mom's house, where we had about 20 minutes to freshen up before our pre-4th of July BBQ started! As per Petersen Family Tradition, we ate a delicious spread and followed it up with some croquet. Of course Jake comes in his first year playing and gets first place. insert-eye-roll-here. haha, just kidding. He earned it, even though I was the first one he decided to kill off after he claimed poison status, haha. 

Then we did a few (pretty lame, but still fun) fireworks in the front yard before putting the boys down and eating some mud pie while playing a board game. I love this family of mine, and I love our long-standing traditions! 

4th of July day was THE most perfect summer day!! I feel just completely spoiled that I'm constantly having so much fun because of the things Jake plans! After a yummy crepe breakfast with my family, Jake suggested that I pull out my old rollerblades. I hadn't pulled them out in yeeeears. Like, we're talkin' 10+ years. But we pulled 'em out, washed 'em off (I made Jake triple check to make sure there weren't any spiders in them, haha) and they surprisingly still fit perfectly! And then Jake suggested my worst nightmare---DUN, DUN, DUN---riding down Provo Canyon!! My initial reaction? noooooooooooo pleeeeease nooooo! And if you know me, then you understand why! I am just pretty klutzy and unbalanced by nature! I trip over my own feet every single day, and I just knew that trying to rollerblade down the canyon would end my life. But..ah, my Jake. He's such a happy guy, and he's asked to long board down the canyon multiple times, and I just didn't want to disappoint him! So I reluctantly gave in, and we made our way to Provo Canyon. 

Well, turns out I was a wreck, haha. As I was putting on my blades at the point of the canyon where we were going to start, my legs and hands were shaking so badly. It's dumb and embarrassing that I was so nervous, but that's just how it was, haha. But there's just something about Jake, you know? I get a lot of strength from him. He provided me with a substantial about of strength the few weeks leading up to my dad's passing, and I didn't realize how much that would continue to carry over into other things as well. Like blading the canyon. He was on his long board, I was on my rollerblades, and we really only went like 3 miles up the canyon, but he held my hand the whole way down. And during the parts of the canyon when I would start to get especially nervous, he'd sing me a country song to help distract me. I'm telling you guys, IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN JAKE! If you can't tell by now, I survived the canyon. Didn't even fall once, thanks to that hunky man. Owe him my life. And also probably a million dollars. Also still glad it's over though, and next time Jakes wants to long board the canyon, I'm riding my bike. :) haha.

After sweating our guts out in the 100 degree canyon, we headed to Rock Canyon Park where Jake's friends were having a big slip n' slide party! That was so much fun. The slip n' slide was huge! We got to go down a few times, I got to meet more of Jake's friends, and we were able to cool off a bit. 

Riding the canyon, slip n' sliding... what would we do next to make it the ultimate summer day? Get SNOW CONES!! I think I might've died and gone to heaven eating those snow cones. So good. Plus, they had cute little American flags in them, and I just really liked that for some reason. 

Next we went to get cleaned up, watched the Sandlot, and then went to a party in Orem where we met up with Jake's parents, got free food truck food, and got to watch the best firework show in the county! The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday, but it just seems to get better and better every year! I love summer! I love America! I love Jake! 

Hope you all (mom and Julie, most likely) had a wonderful 4th of July! :)


  1. I'm always waiting for you to update this! Haha. How fun! I'm still so impressed you went on roller blades down the canyon! 😳

  2. You are the freaking cutest. I love reading about you and your life.