Jake will probably be upset that I'm sharing about this date, buuuut....he totally took me on a girls' night out date! hahaha... Juuuuuust kiddin', but also kind of not. ;) We've hung out a few times with his friend from work, Garrett (who I also went to high school with!), and his wife, Paige, and they've been talking about going to get pedicures with us for a while now, haha. So tonight we finally made it happen! We all went and got pedicures together! It was so much fun! I love getting pedicures every once in a while, and I got to go with my very favorite person! Afterwards, we all went to dinner at Maria Bonita's for some delicious Mexican food before Jake and I went back to my mom's house to watch a chick flick, haha. Cause, you know, it's not a girls' night out without a chick flick! ;)

On Saturday, one of my best friends, Paisley, got married! I always love going to my friends' weddings as both the videographer and friend! It means so much to mean when my friends trust me enough to film their wedding. I've got the most supportive friends. Jake also came to play second shooter, and that only made it better! It's been nearly two years since Jake and I first met shooting a wedding together at the Payson Temple, so it was fun to have him shooting alongside me at that same temple again for Paisley's wedding! And he's a champ for staying by my side throughout that blazing heat. We're talking over 100 degrees, people. But I am so happy for my dear friends Paisley and Spencer, and it was so good to spend time with all my best friends all day! 


  1. I love Paige! Haha she and I did student council together back in the day.

    1. Seriously?! I bet you know a bunch of my friends' younger siblings actually! Yes, she's so great!