Out of all my nicknames, I think my ultimate favorite is Auntie Pay. It all started back when my sister got married to a guy named Jon Walter. I was 11 at the time, and I thought it was funny to call him Won Jalter. In turn, he started calling me Palynn Ketersen. So when they had kids, instead of Auntie Kay, I became Auntie Pay, and it has stuck ever since. 

I take the title of "aunt" very seriously. And obviously I have to make sure that all my nieces and nephews love me more than they love their other aunts. So the day before they went out of town, we planned a super fun afternoon. 

We started out by making a stop through the Little Caesar's drive-thru to get some pizza and cheese sticks, and drove straight to the park for a little pizza picnic! Picnics are the best. You eat a little, you snuggle a little, you pick the green grass and throw it on everyone else, you eat a little more, you climb trees, you have stick wars-- and then repeat. There's really nothing better! As soon as we finished eating, we went to Nickel City to play some games and win some prizes. Although, I don't really feel like they can call it a nickel arcade anymore, because everything is done on cards now! And let me tell you; it's must easier to mindlessly spend your "nickels" this way, haha. But it was a lovely afternoon! Everyone walked away with their desired loot and ready for a popsicle and a nap once we returned home. 

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