It was MONTHS ago when Jake and I had been talking about how much I love bookshops. It was January, and we had just gone ice fishing when we came back home to change before we wanted to go grab some dinner.  While trying to warm up, we spent a solid amount of time sitting on the floor of my bedroom looking through my book collection, and Jake would pick up random books and ask me about them. Fast forward to last Thursday when Jake picked me up after work and told me he wanted to take me somewhere as a surprise. We were driving up to Salt Lake and he kept giving me little hints towards where we were going, but I just had no clue! When he pulled up to Trolley Square, I was even more stumped! But as we walked through the square, and eventually came to Weller's Books, a rare and used books bookstore, I became overjoyed.

It is one of the most thoughtful dates ever planned for me! I will never get over how sweet and thoughtful Jake is. And as we walked in, Jake told me about how he'd randomly stumbled across this bookstore one day and thought about how he wanted to take me there. He also gave me a "coupon" good for one book + one kiss, haha. You bet I cashed in on both! ;) 
We spent about an hour there, just casually perusing the selections. 
Afterwards, we grabbed some dinner and hit up the last inning of a Bees game. 
And then my heart exploded. 
Okay. Not literally ;), haha (duh), but, I mean, could I even ask for anything more?  

Also, for anyone needing some good reads:

My favorite book(s): The Catcher in the Rye 
and The Language of Flowers 
Jake's favorite book: When Breath becomes Air
What I'm currently reading: Ready Player One

All of which I'd highly recommend. :) 

Also Harry Potter. 
If you haven't read Harry Potter, 
you should really get on that.

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