I usually try to go to as many rodeos as I can during the summer, but every year my favorite is the Strawberry Days rodeo! You really can't beat those strawberries and cream! It's been a fun tradition to go with Cami and Kyle the past few years, and it was even better adding in my favorite man this year. ;) 

We started off the night with three spiny rides in a row, which was probably three too many, haha. By the end of the third one, I was definitely feelin' the motion sickness. But no worries, 'cause we calmed the nausea with some of the best rodeo burgers! As always, the rodeo was fun, the clown wasn't funny at all, and the fireworks were the perfect ending to a fun summer night. 

I'll also just add that I'm so thrilled to still be such good friends and so close with Cami and Kyle. They're comin' up on a year of marriage in September, and it hasn't put a dent in our friendship at all. Friendship can survive marriage if you want it to; don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!! 

Haha ok bye go enjoy some rodeos everybody

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