My dad's funeral was hard, and I don't really wanna talk a lot about it. But I do just wanna say how overwhelmed I was, in the best way, by the many friends I had come support me at the funeral, even if they didn't know my dad well or at all. My family and I have felt so much love and support coming from every direction, and we are so grateful. 

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  1. Kay, I got a random text from a college roommate today, telling me that your dad had passed. I guess she works with Jon and that's how she found out. I just wanted to send you a message the only way I could think of and tell you I'm so sorry! I always think of your family with so much love and gratitude and want you to know I'm thinking of you. You are beautiful and your family is amazing and I'm so sorry that you have to endure this trial. Please let me know if there's everything anything I can do to help. No matter the time or distance, I'll always appreciate your family for years of kindness to me. XOXO from my little family to all of you!