May 9th, 2017: This was a hard day. Soon after I got to work for the day, my mom texted me that my dad had passed out in the stairwell at work. I immediately ran home to be with Nathan so that my mom could go to the hospital to be with my dad. 

Back in December, test results told us that the many, many, MANY tumors throughout my dad's body were finally gone, and all that was left of his cancer were two tiny tumors left on the brain. Recently, however, after doing more tests, we found out that he had 9 new tumors on the brain, and the old ones had stopped responding to treatment. So hearing that my dad had passed out at work was scary. 

As soon as Nathan's helper arrived, I left to go be with my dad at the hospital, along with my mom and my brother Derek. Tests were inconclusive as to what caused my dad to pass out. Doctors didn't think it was the cancer and were still trying to figure things out. They decided to keep him at least over night, and it was a Tuesday, so I left to go take Nathan to watch my boyfriend Jake's baseball game. 

We got to sit with Jake's dad at the game. I wish that you could all meet and know Jake's dad. He's one of the kindest souls and funniest humans I've ever met. He had me laughing the entire game! Something that I didn't think was possible after that rough day. Being a that game with Nathan and Jake and Jake's dad gave me a lot of peace. During the game I got a strong feeling that no matter what happened with my dad, everything would be okay, and I would be taken care of. I think that's when I knew that my dad wouldn't last much longer. But I still felt peace. It was a fierce confirmation for me that Heavenly Father loves me and is in control. 

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