Tuesdays with Nathan: Forts and Scriptures


I always look forward to Tuesday's. Spending time with Nathan is always so good for both of us. A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that I was running out of fun ideas of things to do with Nathan and asked for advice. I don't want to be someone who asks for advice and then completely ignores the advice given, so Nathan and I have decided to do every single thing that was suggested to us! (To the best of our ability.) So far we've been able to check Puppy Barn and a movie off of that list, and tonight we checked off build a fort! We wanted to do something fun and sort of childish, because we were just done adulting for the day. As Nathan can attest, I'm not the best fort builder, haha. But eventually we were able to get a stable fort that was completely covered! It was so much fun hanging out in there, getting caught up on scripture reading, and talking about life. 

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to be his sister?

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  1. I love you kalynn! Seriously I do. You are an awesome sister and So loving and supportive of Nathan. Thank you!