Random thoughts de la Kalynn


//A common question directed toward people my age is the cliche "what are you doing with your life?." I really wish I could answer that question with a smug retort that includes snippets about fighting dragons, living off popcorn, saving baby birds, and perhaps building a Cafe Rio on every street corner. Because people would take that just as seriously as they seem to take the whole "no, I'm not married, I just work, and I quit school to start my own videography thing." I have a lot of opinions on school. I won't go into them here. Timing is everything, and I swear I've got all the right priorities. 
//I wish you could photograph smells. If that were the case, the warm, wet desert would be the most beautiful picture. Ever. I miss St. George.
//There are many things in life that are "good", in the sense that they "aren't bad." Sometimes I need to learn that said "good" things may be what hold us back - not because they push us away from the Savior, but simply because they don't bring us unto Him.
Just some thoughts. Mostly for myself. Have a happy day! :)    

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  1. I'm so happy that you are back on blogging! I am definitely a fan of reading your blogs! I check this morning, afternoons and evenings! You have a wonderful way with words, and I love the way you think. I love my Kalynners!