Today was a good day.


I knew as soon as I walked out my front door this morning that it was going to be a good day. The good weather was an omen of that! It was a simple day, but it was a good day. 

▲ I (re)learned that Betos is disgusting. My first experience with Betos was last Christmas Eve, and I hadn't eaten anything from there since. But when our office assistant was making a burrito run for everyone, I figured I'd get in on it. Yup, still gross. But it was just fun hanging out and eating burritos with everyone at work. My coworkers are seriously hilarious. Speaking of...

▲ My coworker Kate is allergic or something to Red Dye 40. Whenever she eats something with Red Dye 40 in it, she gets so funny. I think the same thing happens when she eats a Betos burrito, because she was just talking and singing to herself all morning. Haha she was just cracking me up! It made the morning work flow pass by really quickly.

▲ I went to visit my mom during my lunch break, and drove home with the windows down, listening to Frank Sinatra and Chicago. Could life get any better?

▲ Yes it can! My mom had leftover SLOPPY JOES!!! that I got to eat for lunch! Seriously, those are in my top 5 favorite foods. I can't get enough.

▲ I got to go to dinner with my really good friend Mike. (AND we went to Cafe Rio.) Mike's been one of my best friends for like 11 years now. I consider his family to be my family. I could go to his house when we were younger and just hang out with his mom if he wasn't home. I was always over there swimming in their pool, or going to their cabin. And Mike just always saw the best in me when other people didn't. Anyway, tonight at dinner when I asked, "How are things going?" He answered, "I can honestly say that life has never been better." And that was probably the best part of my day. I can't say enough about how big of a blessing Mike has been in my life, and isn't it the best when your friends are just so happy?! It just made my heart so happy.

And guess what else? It's Friday Eve! If that doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will. 

Annnnd for your enjoyment....middle school photos with Mike. Haha! 

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  1. There should be a "like" button on Blog posts.. Who is going to design that? I LIKE that you had a wonderful day :D