10 Things


This weekend was such a good one. 
I've got a lot to say about it, 
but since I'm already feeling like 
I'm about to drift into sleep, 
I'll just leave you with 10 things for tonight:


1: Weather has more of an impact on me than I thought.
2: I am ready for summer. Not just spring; SUMMER! 
3: It's okay to take two naps in one day.
4: Working for something is always better than getting something you didn't work for.
5: There is no such thing as a lost cause.
6: I don't feel right if I don't read at least a little bit every day.
7: Friends' tears break me apart.
8: There are certain people in my life that just make me better when I'm around them.
9: Red mountains have my heart. 
10: Trying to come up with any plausible way for me to move back to St. George. 

Got any leads? Help a sistah out! 

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