I'm back! And happy birthday, Lizzy!


Oh, hello! This is something that I haven't done in a very long time. Last Friday at work (got a new job, by the way!) I had some down time, and for some reason came to this old blog of mine and ended up reading through the entire thing! Besides making me feel extremely nostalgic, it also made me so happy to read all the memories I hadn't thought back on in so long. I realized that this blog was my best form of journaling. I know people are always complaining that bloggers (I mean the famous ones--not me, haha.) lead everyone on to believe they live some perfect life full of ONLY happiness and good times. While we all know that's not entirely true, what's wrong with believing it? I loved going back through my old posts and reading about the things that made me the happiest. The experiences I was having, the music I listened to, recent movies I'd seen--life WAS perfect to me. And I'm sad I don't have the same thing to look back on for the last couple of years. So I've decided that I'm back at this, even if it is only for myself and my mom. Hi, mom!

Today my niece, Lizzy, turns ELEVEN. Eleven?! Eleven. 

My relationship with her is oh so special to me. She was the first little human to make me an aunt. I was only 13 when she was born, and I think that age paved the perfect path for us to be best friends. She is the sweetest, most beautiful girl in the world. Honestly, there's no one like her. While I can't count on her to keep a secret--she'll always go and tell her mom! haha!-- I can count on her to love me no matter what. She's one of my biggest fans and one of my best cheerleaders. It can be a lot of pressure having someone so young and innocent and naive look up to me so much, because I never want to disappoint her. She's so good. I hope she never grows out of wanting to have a sleepover when either of us is visiting the other. Happy birthday, Lizzy! Love you xoxo

Here are a few of my favorite pictures with her:


  1. Kalynn you are so pretty! And we need to be friends again. Like not that we're not, but we need to be friends that hang out :)

  2. So sweet! Those pictures of Lizzy and you are so fun. You forgot to add that I will be a very devoted reader of your blog as well. Haha