Rascal Flatts Concert


 This weekend was so good to me and for me! Friday after work, I went straight to pick up Carlee and Cami at their house, and then we were off to St. George! I was so excited to get there. I love visiting St. George, not only for the weather, but because it's my real home! I never feel as at home in a place as I do in St. George. I'm lucky my sister still lives there with her family, so I can visit whenever I want to! We got to her house around 9:00 that night, and my niece, Lizzy, was having her birthday party with a bunch of girls. We sat upstairs with my Julie and Jon and ate cinnamon rolls and popcorn before heading to bed. 

Saturday I was up way before everyone else. I have the hardest time sleeping in. 7:15 hits and I'm wide awake! So I went to Lins (my favorite grocery store in St. George!) and bought some donuts for everyone for breakfast. After everyone woke up, we just hung out for a bit. My sister Julie has 4 kids, so there's constant entertainment! ;) Later on, Cami went on a lunch date, and Carlee, Lizzy, Julie and I went to Pasta Factory for lunch! When we got home, we were playing around on Snapchat and learned how to do a couple things:

 Cute, I know. You're welcome. At 3:00 it was finally time for Cami, Carlee and I to head to Vegas for the concert! We forgot about the time change though, and ended up getting there super early. We had already decided that we wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and after looking for the menus we were so bummed! We didn't realize it was so dang expensive! In case you're wondering, my $21.00 burger wasn't even THAT good. JCW's is better. By this point, we were all just exhausted! So we went back to my car and tried to take a nap for 30 minutes before going to get in line for the concert.

Needless to say, Rascal Flatts killed it. They always do! (This was my third time seeing them. It was Carlee's SIXTH!) And we had such a blast. They played all our favorite songs, and even gave a few of them a fun twist. Driving back from Vegas to St. George at 1:00 in the morning was kind of sketchy--especially for any of you that know what time my bedtime usually is. But we made it back safely, and lived to see this snowy Monday in Utah County. 

p.s. Went rock climbing today after it had been a few months...
I've gotten so weak! 3 climbs and I was a dead woman. 
But I love climbing because I feel like it's so rewarding. 
Anyway, I'm off to girls night and the Bachelor! 

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