Today is Nathan's 20th birthday. Can you even believe that?! 
We're only a year apart, so of course he's 20, but it just seems so old to me. 

Do any of you remember him before his drowning accident? 
Ah, he was the sweetest kid. He was my very best friend. (still is.) 
As each year passes, it gets harder for me to believe that he has been this way for more of his life than he hasn't been this way. 
It's been a little over 11 and a half years since his accident.  
Still, I remember his voice and try to think of what he would sound like now.
I know the kinds of girls he had crushes on, and I sometimes try to imagine what kind of girls he'd be interested in now. 
He was a little cutie back then, and he's definitely still a hunk now!
Most importantly, I know he's still the same incredibly amazing person on the inside, even if he can't express it as well right now. 

I couldn't be more grateful to have Nathan as my brother. I feel so blessed. You won't ever meet anyone whose light shines brighter. 

Happy birthday, Nathan Todd!  I love you!!

p.s. Thank you all for the support you guys have shown me and my family in regards to Nathan throughout the years and even still. 
You really have no idea how much it means to us, 
and it's your examples of service and love that have helped shape who I am today. :) 


  1. He was in my kindergarten class with me I believe! I love that sweet boy!