Mt. Timanogos Temple. :)
Tuesday night was spent with my best friend Abigail at the temple. Going to the temple is a beautiful experience for many reasons. Not only do I get to leave feeling rejuvenated enough to take on the world ahead of me, but I also love it because I believe it is one of the most Christ-like things we can do. Even though I can only do baptisms at this point, it still feels amazing every time knowing that I got to help someone by doing something that they could not do for themselves. Jesus Christ did something for us, that none of us could do for ourselves. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could each be forgiven of all of our sins. I think it was President Uchtdorf who said, "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you do." Or something like that. Sometimes there will be people in life that can make you feel dirty for your mistakes, and it can really hurt...repentance can be hard, and you probably suffered a little or a lot already...but can I tell you something? Each and every one of us has short-comings; some blatantly announcing themselves to the world, others only obvious to ourselves. Some physically limiting, others mentally obstructing. Whether visible or hidden, they exist. Sometimes other peoples' mistakes will directly affect us, but I believe it is a part of charity to accept them for who they are now and move past it. Can that be hard sometimes? Absolutely. Will it be worth it? Most definitely. 

Lives and hearts CAN be changed. And President Monson promised us that as we take advantage of the Atonement, those sins will be forgiven AND forgotten. 

I'm so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! 


  1. Kalynn this was beautiful. You really do have a gift in writing. I loved my night at the temple with you and am so excited to continue it as a habit. I love you!

  2. I love this post. Sometimes we get so busy and we have a tough time "making time" for the temple but there is no better feeling and no better place to be:)