There's just no better goal, right?


From the road, it is simply a building. 
Nothing but an enormous amount of cement, bricks, and sidewalks.
But I know better.
Step closer,
climb up the stairs,
move softly into its doorway, 
and you will begin to know too.
Close your eyes and breathe in the scents of
Security and Warmth and Love bigger than any ocean;
as never ending as ones tides.
Surely you cannot help tingling all over,
touched by such warm rays the sun could never even know of.
All your fingers to escape you-
let them caress hundreds of lifetimes locked into every inch of this place.
You are standing in a history tied to thousands of other histories.
Close your eyes, but open your ears and listen.
Listen to sounds and words that can touch you, perhaps soften you,
and make you think of beautiful things;
things you would never dream of in your storm-tossed world.
Now open your eyes.
Open them and see! 
See the source of it all.
Then you will know what I know.
You will know why this place is different from all other places on Earth.
The lips on your face will smile without thick regard for your awkward imperfections.
I cannot help myself. 
I fall happily, softly
into the embrace of the One who makes all worthwhile
and who whispers,
"You can be anything and everything."


  1. Did you write this? It's amazing and beautiful and truer words were never spoken! The temple is an amazing place:)

  2. Beautiful Kay. :) Read it this morning and it is a great reminder to start my day.

  3. this so very beautiful. thank you for sharing.