Happy little life.


There is a lot going on in my little life right now. There are a lot of possible direction changes that I am not completely sure I have any control over. Usually this lack of control causes me to be a little anxious, however I have tried to remain pretty cool and content through it all. There are times that my mind goes to a weird place when I get too worried about decisions I might have to make, but in the deepest part of me there is a confidence calming me and letting me know it will all be okay. I just know something great is in store for me at this fork in the road, and I am just drinking in all of the opportunity. I know still that I have amazing people in my life that will not let me down. There are people like all of you that are always smiling at me! (Thank you!!) Not everything going on is worth smiling about, but we smile because we can! I feel so inspired by it. I'm constantly laughing, and I just can't stop. And more importantly, I feel that for the first time in a long time, I know I have my own back. I am more determined than ever to make it. And for all of this, I am immensely grateful.

Maybe deep down my anxiety is frantically flirting will all my worry, but I wouldn't know, because up here I cannot get my head out of the happy clouds or wipe the smile off my face.

Yesterday I saw a sunflower sticking up out of the snow. Doesn't that itself just make you so happy?

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