10 things I learned this weekend.


1: I always claim Mexican food to be my favorite, but I don't have a favorite Mexican sit-down restaurant. (Cafe Rio doesn't count.) Tell me your favorites so I can go try them all!

2: I can't wait for the sun. It's time for it to come out again. and I don't want any of this "Spring" stuff. I want SUMMER.

3: It's impossible to read a guy's mind when you haven't been friends for 3 years. Not everyone blurts out their feelings every minute of the day like I do. haha.

4: Time solves most things.

5: I'm craving a day with the ocean. Road trip anyone?? Anyone??

6: The best dreams happen when you're awake.

7: Laughing is most definitely my favorite thing in the whole world.

8: Just get up and get out.

9: There are people in my life that make me better just by being around them.

10: Sometimes it's just nice to go home early.


  1. Ha ha, oh I miss you! I love # 6 and 10.

  2. I very much agree with #2. Can't wait for that sunshine!