Bad days.


Last week was not my favorite week. In fact, it was actually easily one of my least favorites. I sort of lost 2 really good friends, and I had bronchitis. Not being able to breathe AND having a mind that won't shut up at the same time can really bring you down. At the same time though, call me crazy, but weeks like last week are kind of exciting to me. They are so bad that you just know that no matter what the next week brings, it will be better. I am lucky because at the end of that awful week, I had a handful of great friends waiting for me to join in the good times. The terrible week eventually ended, and an amazing weekend began. You kind of have to be grateful for those bad days, you know? Because without them, we wouldn't know what a good day was. 

And if today is your bad day, well, I'm sorry, and don't worry. Happiness will find you again, too. :) 

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