Attention all my single ladies:


Remember this post from two years ago?

This weekend was spent with my dear friend Jonny. Friday we went to the coolest event I've ever attended, the Monster Jam monster truck show! Watching old guys do backflips on motorcycles off crazy high jumps, enjoying pizza and dippin'dots, and getting dirt blown all over our faces as big huge trucks did donuts in an arena that was too small, made for the best night ever. And then fondue dinner and dessert with one of our good friends, Seren, and one of his mission friends on Saturday, which was followed by decorating sugar cookies and delivering them with a hug and a song to a couple of widows in his ward. Because Jon is just always wanting to serve people like that, which is just one of the many many good things about Jon. Which brings me to the single ladies part:

Okay. Um. First of all, hello to the most precious face on Earth. Dimples. Enough said.
Second of all, everything I said in that post two years ago, is still 100% true, and all of his best qualities have been enhanced to the max. Jon Walker is truly one of the best people that I know, and I couldn't mean that more. He's pee-your-pants hilarious, gives the best advice, and can do a better job than anyone else at making you feel good about yourself. Every time I leave from hanging out with Jon, I feel like I am a better person because he gives me the resolve to be a better person. He leads by example. He can see and bring out the best in anybody, I'm sure of it. Also, if you think you've met nice guys before, spend an hour with Jon and those other guys will seem like jerks. haha. He'll set a whole new standard for you!

Obviously not EVERYONE can have my best friend Jon, and whatever lucky lady does will have to pass a couple of tests before she can have my stamp of approval, but it's definitely worth the shot! ;) And for most likely a short time only...: He's available. Go get him! 

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  1. Sounds like you should take him for yourself! haha