My Best Friends' Wedding


This embarrassing little photo is the first picture Cami and I took together, along with our friend Brielle, of course. :) It was September 2013. We had randomly been put together as roommates at Ventana, and had been living with each other for maybe a few weeks when we all decided to go shopping for some apartment decor. We ended up finding out we all had a love for Duck Dynasty and came home with matching cups and a Duck Dynasty Calendar, haha. We've been best friends ever since.

  THIS is a picture from the first time I met Kyle. He's the dude doing the Chandler Smiles in the green hat and sunglasses. His cousin Kincade and childhood friend Keola both lived at Ventana with me as well, and when we all decided to go float the Provo River, Kyle came along. This was July 2014. That same summer we all went on a couple trips to Zion, and Kyle and I became good friends pretty quickly.

I was lucky to find this great group of friends, and my relationships with each of them were/are unique and special in their own ways. 

Kyle is a different kind of guy. It's hard to describe. If I've ever needed help with anything, he's there to offer his help before I can even ask. He also has this ability to make everyone feel like they're the greatest person he's ever come across. I don't know how he does it! But whenever I've felt the worst about myself, it's been Kyle who builds me back up. Cami is just...she's my girl. She's always the first one I go to for the hardest or happiest things that come along, and even though I'm not the perfect friend, she treats me like I am, and loves me no matter what. She's SUCH a gem. There's really no one like her! So, of course it didn't take Kyle very long to realize that she was the girl her wanted to keep forever! Unfortunately for Kyle, she was dating someone else for a while, and even after they broke up, she just didn't think she had those kind of feelings for Kyle. It was hard to watch, because Kyle is honestly one of the best guys I'll ever know. But in a way, I'm glad it took Cami so long to come around, because Kyle and I got really close during those times. 

Fast forward two years, and Cami finally realized that she never wanted to lose our dear friend Kyle, and things moved quickly from there! FINALLY they are married, and I keep saying that it was the best day of my life! Haha, but it's true. When you get to see your best friends' dreams come true...not even your own happiness beats that. Their wedding day was pure bliss for everyone there. 
I'm still on an emotional high from this weekend! 

I just hope they both realize that it was a two-for-one kinda deal, cause I'm never giving up either of them. ;)

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