Brigham Steven Jensen | Birth Story


A few days before her baby was born, Abby and I were talking about a conversation we had in high school. I was giving her all the details about my first kiss, and she was absolutely disgusted! It was just a regular ol' kiss, but she could hardly handle listening to me! It was hilarious how grossed out she was, and she vowed to not kiss any boys for a long time. (That vow only lasted a few months, haha.) But here she was, 9 years later, PREGNANT and ready to give birth in just a few days!

I was thrilled and eagerly waited for her text that would tell me it was time to head to the hospital so I could film the birth. September 30th arrives, and she texts me around 8:30 to let me know I should come to the hospital in about an hour. I was so excited that I just started putting together my camera bag right then away! Which was a good thing, because only about 20 minutes later, I get another text from Abby: "Will you come now? :)" And then two minutes after that: "Come quick!" Haha! That boy knew he wanted to get here quickly. I made it just in time, and at 9:24 p.m. Brigham had arrived!!

It was incredibly special to be there with this friend that I've had for so many years. He's a perfect little guy, but I'll just let you see that for yourself.

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