You know how sometimes you meet people through social media, and it makes you appreciate the potential of social media again? That is how I met CaLea. I started following her on Instagram because she is one heck of a photographer, (that's a link to her work, and you should most definitely click it, because you will be ever-so-pleased) and then somehow we started talking, ran a giveaway together, and have been trying to make creative plans ever since.

Annnnyway, a few weeks back, CaLea asked me to work on a little video for her and her husband for their one year anniversary. We gathered some thoughts on their first year of marriage, put them together with some fun moments we caught on film, and this is what I came up with. Not only was it so much fun being up in the mountains with new friends, but it was also special to witness a relationship like theirs.

Happy anniversary, you two!

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