Early on in the summer, my brother and I made a special deal; I would watch his kids for a few days while he took his wife on a vacation, and then later he would take me to AZ to watch the Braves play the Diamondbacks! Well, finally late August came around, and it was time for our road trip! Because the thought of driving 12 hours straight sounded insane to us, and we had to pick up our sister, Julie, anyway, we decided to stop in St. George overnight.  I was so happy when Julie decided to come with us! Derek was able to work remotely while we were on the trip, and I don't know what I would have done all day by myself if Julie hadn't come along. 

Have you guys ever stopped by a state sign to take a picture while you're on a road trip? Apparently everyone on the road hates you for it! haha! I couldn't believe how many angry honks we got during the 30 seconds we were posing for this picture. My siblings were so embarrassed! Which only made it more fun for me, haha. The funny thing about taking our picture by this AZ sign is that we all grew up in St. George, a mere 15 minutes from this sign. But I don't care! I road trip to AZ requires a photo by the state sign. And that's final.

The drive down went by a lot faster than I expected it to! Probably because I never get to spend that much time with my brother and sister anymore, and it was easy to soak it all in. You would've thought it was one of our family vacation from when we were children by the way we were acting! "Fighting" over the music, jammin' out to the  Goofy Movie soundtrack, and teasing whoever fell asleep first, haha. That was a fun drive! Still, I wasn't upset when we finally made it and were able to get out of the car. ;) 

We were so lucky to be able to stay with my brother's friends while we were there. Derek had a friendly place to work during the day until it was time for the game, and Julie and I were able to head to the Gilbert and Mesa LDS Temples. We also planned on doing some shopping while we were out, because Julie needed one specific thing, but she found it within 5 minutes, and that was the extent of our shopping trip. Anyone else out there not really much of a shopper?! I can shop online wayyyy longer than I'm willing to walk aimlessly around a store.

I'm the only actual baseball or Braves fan, but I still made them wear the team apparel for the game. We sat right in front of this group of drunk guys who were trying really hard to make us laugh throughout the entire game. At one point, one of them spilled his cup of beer right on Derek! Personally, I thought it was hilarious. But I also wasn't the one who smelled like beer all night. 


In the end, the Braves ended up losing that game, but it was so close the entire time! I was proud of them, because they are the worst team in the league right now, lol. Hopefully next year they can step it up! 
This trip was so special to me at this time in my life. It's something I'll always look back on and be so thankful for. I've got the best siblings on the planet Earth, I really do, I'm tellin' ya! 

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