Goals + best friends.


It is September. This morning I wrote "April" in my journal. Get with it, Kalynn.

About two months ago, I set a goal to be more consistent at writing in my journal. It's about the only goal I'm really succeeding at. I've been failing pretty miserably at my other goals such as: 

-Go to bed early. This never used to be a problem for me! Around friends and family, I'm known as the grandma because of my typically-early bedtimes. But over the summer I moved in with girls I didn't know, and I didn't want to be lame, so I often stayed up late hanging out with them. Now I'm stuck in the habit, and it's been really hard to break! 

-Play the piano. My mom is incredible at playing the piano and has been a piano teacher my entire life, so nothing makes me feel as guilty as my inability to play the piano. I'm not gonna mention how long it's been since I've attempted to play.

-Learn Spanish. Duolingo says I'm about 11% fluent, so I think that says enough about how I'm doing with that.

However, I've had some awesome moments lately. I've been filming a lot, and something about all these happy moments I get to capture really brings me so much joy. Tonight I got to film a First Look/Bridals session for my two best friends. Cami and I have been friends with Kyle for over 2 years, and he's always had a major thing for her, but she only gave in this past summer. It's been the most magical thing to watch!! They give each other everything I would want for them. I'm a little obsessed at this point! I can't wait to edit their video, but since I can't share it yet, these are some screen-grabs from their couples session we shot a few weeks ago. 

PSA: if you haven't yet, hurry and get up to the Alpine Loop! We've only got a few weeks left before it closes for winter. 

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