Tonight was a good night. I got to head up to Alpine Loop with an adorable couple to shoot a video for their first anniversary. I knew it would be a good shoot because I already knew that this couple a: was super attractive and b: had lots of personality; two things that always make for fun, easier filmmaking. However, never having met them in person, something that I didn't know before the shoot, something that you never really know and sometimes don't get to know, was the real sort of love and respect they have for each other. I know a lot of couples personally, and I've met many more, and it's sad, but not every couple has that. 

I feel like every time I film a wedding, someone will say, "You spend so much time filming details of weddings, I bet you know exactly what you want at yours!" I actually still have no idea, haha. 
I do, however, know what kind of love and relationship I want. 

Three of my favorite books are Of Mice and Men, East of Eden, and The Red Pony, all written by 
one of my all-time favorite authors, John Steinbeck. A few years ago, I learned that while Steinbeck's son was away at boarding school, he wrote a letter to tell his father he was in love. 
Steinbeck wrote back, and the following was part of that letter to his son:

"First -- if you are in love -- that's a good thing -- that's about the best thing that can happen to anyone. 
Don't let anyone make it small or light to you.

Second -- There are several kinds of love. One is a selfish, mean, grasping, egotistical thing which uses love for self-importance. This is the ugly and crippling kind. The other is an outpouring of everything good in you -- of kindness and consideration and respect -- not only the social respect of manners but the greater respect which is recognition of another person as unique and valuable. The first kind can make you sick and small and weak but the second can release in you strength, and courage and goodness 
and even wisdom you didn't know you had."

I've always felt that was a wonderful way of putting it. 
But I think it can be applied to many of the relationships we have with others. 
Just something to think about.

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