I am SO happy that it's finally Friday. This has been such a weird week! And I'm convinced that it's all because of how my Monday started out. It was a normal day, in that I woke up wanting to head up the canyon! I love it up there. I decided to go look for a location that a couple had told me they wanted to shoot at. So, I get in my car and head out. I drove up the AF side of the canyon and continued up near Tibble Fork. Right after you pass Tibble Fork, if you keep to the right, it turns into a pretty rocky road, but it's most likely fine IF your tires are good. Apparently mine weren't, because after about 2 miles past Tibble Fork, POP goes a tire. I literally just felt the front driver side of my car sink all of the sudden. So I pull over to the side of the road to assess my situation. I wasn't going to be able to go anywhere with my tire like that. I had never changed a tire by myself before, and even if I felt 100% confident that I could do it, I had never needed to change a tire on my Xterra yet, and couldn't find where the tools were located in that car. (Insert that monkey covering his eyes emoji here. Talk about not being prepared!) I had no cell service, but that didn't stop me from trying to call my mom 4 times, haha! I hadn't seen anyone on that road while I had been up there--what! on a Monday afternoon late in the season??...--so I decided to start walking out, figuring I'd come across someone eventually. I was so wrong though! The ONLY people I came across before getting to the part of the canyon where it splits between Tibble Fork and the Alpine Loop were construction workers, but I just didn't feel comfortable asking them for help because they were already working hard! So I kept on walking, haha. It wasn't a bad walk, if I'm being honest. I mean, I was in the beautiful canyon after all! The weather was perfect for a situation like that, because it wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cold. It was simply a really long walk that I hadn't planned on taking that day. AND...I kept thinking about all the women that get murdered and raped while walking alone in canyons, and seriously freaking myself out a couple times. At one point I even could've sworn I saw a man coming out from behind the trees! Haha. Finally, about a mile or two from the mouth of the canyon, a guy in a truck pulls over and says he's working in the canyon, he's passed me 4-5 times, and asks if I'm walking for pleasure or if I need a ride somewhere. I'll never recommend taking a ride from a stranger to anyone, but I definitely took the ride in this situation! haha! Luckily, it ended up being a really nice dude, and I only stayed in his car until I got cell service, and had him drop me off there.

---Long story made a little shorter, I was finally able to reach my mom, she picked me up, we taught ourselves how to change a tire (!!!), and I was able to finally drive out of the canyon. The situation put me in a weird funk for the rest of the day; I just hate having such a lack of control over my situation. However, now I know how to change a tire all by myself, and I'll never be in that situation again. :)

Everyone be prepared and play it safe this weekend! :)

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