National Lucky Penny Day


For the past few days, I've been down in St. George watching my nieces and nephews. I love these kids, but man, they can be challenging! Haha.

Today was a crazy one. First, the car battery died. Second, I somehow locked myself out of the house with my one year old niece and four year old nephew, right when it was supposed to be the baby's nap time, smack dab in the heat of the St. George day. It was so stressful! I had no idea what to do. I was so glad I had that four year old with me though. It's funny how just yesterday he got so worked up about me putting his bread in the "wrong" toaster slot, that he threw a tantrum and started bawling and throwing things, yet while we were locked out of the house and sweaty and exhausted, he kept smiling and saying, "I'm sure we'll find a way in!" Which we did. Isn't it funny how differently children and adults think? I'm over here like, "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHICH SLOT YOUR BREAD GOES IN." And he's probably wondering why I'm stressing so much about being locked out for a bit.

After that, though, we needed to turn our day around. So we went to ride the carousel downtown, and I stashed some lucky pennies--heads up-- for the kids to find. It's National Lucky Penny Day, after all! We made wishes on our lucky pennies, threw them in a penny fountain, and then left some lucky pennies for others to find.

It's days like today that make you think about how lucky you really are though. I'm lucky to have friends who would stop by to help jump the car. I'm lucky to be able to hang out with my nieces and nephews for a week and a half. I'm lucky to be able to call my mom whenever I need an adult to talk to.

Guess I'll be able to fall asleep tonight counting my lucky pennies.

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