I'm 100% a sunshine kind of girl, but these last couple of days have been perfectly rainy. 
I just love what rain does to the colors of the world.

You wanna know what crazy thing I did last week? I quit my day-job. (Insert hands-to-cheeks-with-mouth-open-wide/the classic face of Kevin from Home Alone here.) Really, this is crazy!! If you know me at all, you know I've relied on a full time job for the past 5 years. And there's a lot that goes into the reasons why, but I'm taking it as a major opportunity. Over the past couple of years, I've been dabbling with videography, and I've just loved it. Ever since I shot my first wedding, I've had a small-but-steady flow of jobs come from it, but I've always, always wanted to do more with it. I always held a full time job and never really had the time/energy to put more into it, though, and lately that's been getting to me. Even while I was doing work that related, it wasn't the same as being able to take on projects that are my own. 

I thought leaving my last job would bring a lot of fear and anxiety, but you know what I've been thinking since I made this move? 
Why didn't I do this years ago??!

And I'll tell you why. I've never really been one to care what others think of me, but I never really thought much about what I thought of myself either. Does that make sense? It's what I titled this post. Self-image. You know, that internalized war you fight with yourself on a daily basis. The war of which the outcome determines how you act, how you treat others, and how you treat yourself. Isn't is ironic that the casualty is also the assailant? Yet we make the conscious effort to lose more often than we allow ourselves to win! I'm guilty of this. We all are. 

One thing I LOVE about the gospel is that we're constantly taught how we're perfectly imperfect. And one day I will truly come to realize the validity of that statement. And you should too.

You're beautiful if you let yourself be beautiful.
You're kind if you let yourself be kind.
You're creative if you let yourself be creative.
You're a great videographer if you let yourself be a great videographer.

You with me? Amiright??

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