10 things I learned from babysitting


1: If you toot three times, you have to go potty. 

2: Flashing lights means you're in outer space, and the dark side could attack at any second.

3: Mac and cheese is its own food group, and is better than any other food. Especially if from Golden Corral.

4: Car rides longer than 10 minutes are just unacceptable.

5: Car seats can double as jet pack. Or spaceship. Or train. Or airplane. Or any other mode of transportation. 

6: "Lasterday" is a word used that can be used to mean any day that isn't today.

7: The word underwear is funny to everyone and should be screamed during public outings. If no one laughs, you must scream it again. This may be substituted with the words booger or poop as well.

8: You may have rooms full of toys, but all you need to be entertained is a cup and a spoon.

9: Babies feel cuddliest in the morning. 

10: Children, even in their naivety, are wise beyond their years.

I got to spend the past 5 days babysitting some of my nieces and nephews in St. George! Being an aunt is one of my most cherished relationships. I can't even begin to describe how much these kids mean to me. It was a rainy weekend, and we had so much fun just enjoying each others' company. I can't wait until May when I get to do it all again! 

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