According to Twitter I Thought It


I love Twitter. I really do! It's actually probably my favorite social media platform. People are just so dang funny on there! And it's just a fun place to get out some random thoughts you have during the day. I go through phases. Sometimes I won't tweet for weeks. Others, I'll only retweet things others have tweeted. And then sometimes, like lately, I tweet a few times per day. So I'll probably do posts with this theme pretty regularly.

According to Twitter I thought it:

--03/15/16: Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland 
Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland 
Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland 

I can't stop thinking about Disneyland. I really can't. I know I've brought up my obsession about a million times on this blog, but every time I'm planning a trip, my condition gets worse and worse. Sometime in May, my sisters, my mom, and I are taking a weekend trip to Disneyland! I can't wait. I daydream about it pretty much nonstop.


That was short lived. Ha! For a good 5 days, my bracket was about 95%. It's now sitting somewhere around 40%. 

--03/21/16: Your inability to turn off your stinkin' 
turn signal is leading me to  epileptic tendencies. 

--03/22/16: I got 99 problems and slow drivers 
are all of them. THE. SPEED. LIMIT. IS. 70. 

I actually turn to Twitter with road-rage quite frequently. Haha, I swear I'm the most impatient person. Most of my biggest pet peeves deal with traffic/other drivers/Provo roads. It's pretty bad actually! I need to not let it get me so frustrated.

--03/21/16: Today my mom told me her hair dryer died, 
so she was buying a new one. I said, "I need to do that too." 
I came home to a new hair dryer. (crying emojis. heart emoji.)

This isn't a one time occurrence, you guys. My mom is the most thoughtful and loving human out there. She's constantly doing little things for me, just because she loves to and loves to show others that she was thinking about and cares about them. AND the hair dryer she bought me is yellow--my favorite color, which she did on purpose. Ah! Mama, I love you.

--03/22/16: Being at a caucus always makes me 
feel like I'm at a Stars Hallow town meeting.

Tonight was the caucus, so Nathan and I went with my parents to do our voting. I say that the reason we're making those faces in the photo above, is because we're really not happy with any of the candidates that are funning. I'm nervous to see how this election turns out. (And I think the rest of America is too...) It cracks me up, though, to gather with everyone from our little town and hear everyone's thoughts. If you haven't seen Gilmore Girls, I highly suggest it! You'll fall in love with all the characters. The town meetings are hilarious. I'm currently re-watching it to prepare for the additional season Netflix is coming out with soon. #TeamLogan 

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