10 Little Updates


1: Last Tuesday I was sick in bed, and I didn't get to spend it with Nathan like I usually do. I was bummed about that, because I had planned on taking him to the LDS Face to Face-- a broadcast for young, single adults with Elder Holland, Elder Hallstrom, and Sister Stephens. Although I didn't get to take Nathan, I was able to watch it online. It was so uplifting, inspiriting, and exactly what I needed. The concept was that anyone could tweet in questions, and they would answer as many as they could during the broadcast. One of my favorite things that Elder Holland said at the end was, "Whatever the question, the answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ." It really put so many of my personal questions into perspective. 

2: Thursday was a rough day. We got some bad news about the health of my dad and of my brother, and I was just struggling. I'm lucky to have the people in my life that I do. My friends Cami and Carlee took me for a drive, helped me forget what was going on for a while, and had me laughing in no time. Speaking of--did you guys know that on the iPhone, you can text an emoji, and (with a certain setting turned on) your phone can speak the emoji?  "Smiling pile of poo"<---haha b="" dying.="" i="" was="">

3: Friday night was girls night! My sister Katie is a Mary Kay Consultant and was having a party. Afterwards, Cami and I went back to my parents and watched the Lizzy McGuire movie. haha! It'd been way too long since I'd seen it.

4: Saturday was my parents 35th anniversary! They spent the weekend away, and my mom got a new ring! It's beautiful.

5: Saturday morning Cami came with me to take Nathan to get an MRI. Did I already mention how lucky I am to have the friends that I do?! I was feeling really overwhelmed with having to take Nathan by myself. I don't know what I would've done without her there. Probably cry the whole time in the waiting room because I was so anxious haha.

6: Sunday I got to Skype Kamila! Kamila is my foreign exchange student from my Junior year of high school. We used to be a lot better at keeping in touch, but I know it had been a few years since I'd really had a good conversation with her. But we talked for 2 hours! It was great to catch up. I just love her. :)

7: I know this is pathetic, but in all my years of life, my "scripture study" has been more or less just reading through the Book of Mormon. There have definitely been times where I've been more "studious" about it than others, but it's always been cover-to-cover, and starting over again when I finish. This week I decided to start studying the characteristics of Christ found in Preach My Gospel. I'm starting with Faith, and will continue to study it until I feel like it's time to move on to another one. It's been an incredible experience so far. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone needing a change in their scripture study!

8: Daylight Savings is killing me. That's all I'm gonna say.

9: Monday was the Bachelor finale. haha. It's funny that that's noteworthy enough for me to put on here, but it is. The best thing is that every Monday I get to spend the night with my friends and sisters, relax, and get into a stupid TV show. Yeah, we know it's a shallow show, but it's more about who you're with than what you're doing. I'm gonna miss it until the next season starts! 

10: Tonight Nathan and I decided to go to the mall to look for a new wallet for him. He gets cash and gift cards sometimes, (holidays, birthday, etc.) and I felt like he needed one! We happened to have a gift card to JCPenney, so we decided to start our search there. Nathan turned down every single wallet they had! haha, it was so funny. BUT I did catch him eyeing this shirt, and it was the only thing he said he wanted. You guys, he's the best! He's got so much personality in him. I wish everyone could see it.


  1. Oh my goodness I want in on the bachelor/ette party!! I didn't even watch this season because I was so sick of watching it by myself and having no one around to talk to about it (Russ refuses). Can I come next season? :D

    1. Of course! We'd love to have you there! You missed the best season yet! I'm sad you didn't get to watch it!