Nathan's SURPRISE Party!


Over the past week and a half, my siblings, my parents, and I have been planning a surprise party for Nathan's 23rd birthday. We really wanted to make this birthday special for him. Honestly, with Nathan's situation, you just never know how long he's going to make it. His body is constantly working so hard. As I've posted more frequently about Nathan over the past year or so, I've received so many loving comments from friends and family about the impact Nathan has had on them. I always, always pass these comments on to Nathan, but I wanted him to be able to hear it from these people himself, because I wanted him to REALLY believe it. So we threw a party and invited friends from all different times of his life. 

The surprise effect was so much fun! We had around 60 people there, and when everyone jumped out of their hiding places to shout "surprise!", Nathan literally started shaking, he was so startled! Haha! Throughout the party, everyone was able to spend a minute or two wishing Nathan a happy birthday and catching up with him a bit. 

The best part was just seeing in Nathan's eyes that he loved this party. Some of our family drove almost two hours just to be there for that party, and I know he really appreciated it! We all do. Our family felt so much love last night, and more importantly, Nathan felt so much love last night. We're really blessed to have the friends and family that we do! 
Thank you to everyone who helped make this party such a success! 

Some of the greatest friends Nathan and I share-- Matthew, Tristan, Jake, Ryan. Nathan and Ryan have been friends since BIRTH.
Abby and Steve
Uncle Dave and Aunt DeAnn
Aunt Renee, Uncle Steve, and our cousin McKenna
Uncle Jeff, Aunt Diane, and our cousin Will 
Some of Nathan's favorite helpers over the last 10 years, Quinton, Rory, Craig, Luis, and Matthew. I just have to say, that we've had some of the best of the best when it comes to Nathan's helpers. No matter how many years go by, or how long it's been since they worked with Nathan, they always check in, they always support, and ultimately they truly think of Nathan as a friend. Nothing touches my heart as much as seeing the love these guys show Nathan. What a blessing they are in his life, and our entire family's lives.

Man! If there was even an appropriate time to say #BLESSED, this is it.
My cup runneth over.

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