What if...


I wanna go fishing. Fishing is my happy place.


I've been sick and stuck in bed for the past two days, and it's been driving me a little crazy. Besides watching almost two full seasons of Gilmore Girls, (probably could've been a full two seasons, but Netflix decided to go down for a while...) I've also had some random "what if" thoughts floating around in my head...

What if Seattle broke off and floated away in the ocean? I feel like everyone would be Sleepless in Seattle during that situation, amiright? heh heh heh

What if the moon really WAS made out of cheese?

What if being sick didn't suck so dang bad?

What if I somehow learned to not be so awkward 100% of the time?

Well, guess what? No what ifs. Because we work with what we've been given. 

If Seattle breaks off and floats away in the ocean, we put a life-vest on all those pot-heads, and say good-riddance to the city cause it smells bad anyway. 

If the moon is made of cheese, we'll just have to use our best light-sabers to ward off all those cheese-lovers out there, cause cheese or not, it sure looks beautiful all big and bright up there.

If being sick didn't suck so bad, then we probably wouldn't be so grateful when we were healthy!

And we all know I probably will be awkward for the rest of time, so we don't even need to worry about that. 

Ya gotta leave those what if's behind, cause they'll drive ya outta your mind. 

It happens. Life happens. And it goes on. 

Here's to a healthy tomorrow. :)

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