Thursday, Third Day.


"Monday, one day,
Tuesday, two day,
Wednesday, what day?
Thursday, THIRD DAY!"
--Joey Tribbiani

In other words, I watch too much Friends. But then again, is there such thing as "too much" Friends
We're not gonna answer that...

Man, life's been crazy the last little bit. I feel like most of it is too personal to put on the ol' blog, but, in short, my dad has cancer. What started out as Melanoma skin cancer, has turned into a few tumors on one of his lungs, brain, and a few other places as well. 

This morning I escaped to the mountains to do some thinking about where my life is going, decisions I've made recently, and decisions I still need to make. 
Being in the mountains is always where I find peace.

Oh, how I wish I could carry the burdens of those who suffer. But I can't, and I'm so incredible sorry about that. 
Trust in the Savior. He's the only person who can. There really is no other way to get through this life.


  1. Oh Kalynn, I'm SO sorry to hear about your dad! Sending hugs and lots of prayers, my friend. xo