Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo)


 I'm shaken. Completely rattled. In a good way. I'm in love with life and its unexpected turns.
It's tossing me around and I'm tumbling beautifully, just enjoying the ride. I'm so happy, it's hard to breathe.
This happiness halts me, physically stopping me in my tracks, and forces me to take it all in. I feel like the luckiest person 
in the world right now. Not everything is going right though, there are things going wrong, failures occurring, and things 
being neglected, yet everything is wonderful. Every single thing is beautiful. My perspective is getting better. 
Every misstep, is still a step. A step in my direction,and I know exactly which direction I want to go.
Its nice to take my foot off the gas for a whileon this journey, slowing enough to appreciate while still progressing.
I'm loving life. I'm loving myself. I'm loving every moment. 

I dare you all to feel the same.


  1. Love this entire post. It is simply inspiring. Love you.