And it was great.


Last night my old roommates and friends from SUU came down and we had a sleepover!!!

The night was filled with endless conversation. Although some of us didn't get along well while living together, we were always able to have really good late-night talks and it felt really good to do that again. These girls really are stellar, and I know I still have a lot to learn from all of them.
*Disclaimers on the picture: 1: We forgot to take pictures the night before, so the only picture we had time to take was right after breakfast..that's why we all look our best. 2: Kelsey is not pictured because she only had about 45 minutes to spend with us because it was either her little brother's brother's birthday party, or her boyfriend had a family thing she had to go to. She claimed both excuses. 
[ha. love you anyway, Kels.]
SO good to see and hang out with these girls whom I've been missing all summer long.

We were up until three thirty in morning, which pretty much goes without saying, and then I got up at eight o'clock to feed Nathan, so I've been kickin' it zombie style all day long. 
Matthew, however, insisted that I go mini-golfing with him and Nathan at Trafalga. 
So that's exactly what we did.

I know Nathan loved getting out of the house and we all had so much fun.

Wanna know something else that's great?
Matthew hit a grand slam at his game today.
We talked about our dream life of him going pro and playing in the MLB.
We'll move to Texas and I'll go to every game with our 6 children all dressed in his team apparel.
Hopefully he'll play for the Braves.
{slash the Indians. :] }
Cross your fingers for us!


  1. and it was GREAT! Love you Kay!...oh how I wish I could see you everyday :)

  2. Oh earth. I don't know why this post melted my heart, but heck girl it did. This was perfect.

  3. It was so fun! I'm so glad we did it. :) Also, darling pictures with Matthew and Nathan. So glad you had fun! :)