I guess I spoke a leeeetle too soon yesterday, because pretty soon after I clicked the 'publish post' button, things turned, to under-exaggerate, a tiny bit sour. 
Now, no one needs, nor, I'm positive, wants to hear every detail about my perfectly ruined Sabbath, but I will say this: going to bed very emotional and sad leads to waking up very emotional and sad, and it's not a mood easily left throughout the day. 


God gives girls big brothers. I'm not sure how, but my brothers always know when I'm down, OR...they don't, and they are simply wonderfully thoughtful at the most meaningful of times. What I mean is, I came down to my room after, what I felt like was, the longest day thus far in my life, and I found this on my bed:
They're bright and yellow and mine.
It's amazing what support can do.
Thanks, Derek. 
They completely made my day.

Love, Kay.

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