I miss.


(L-R, T-B)
1: Sparky.
2: My Confidant.
3: Woodchip.
4: C-Prows. (let it be noted, that in all of our pictures together, we're never actually together. It almost made me cry when I came to this realization.)
5: J. Henson Walker.
6: Salt. 
7: Jacob.
8: Jared Hall. (uhh...not a missionary. But I still miss him, and I needed to fill up space.)

I wish all of you knew these boys as well as I do. I mean, you should read the letter Carter (c-prows) sent me. I love being able to witness, albeit secondhand, all that they are learning. Braden said that he saw Carter at the MTC and he had a whole new special light in his eyes. That's what the MTC does to these guys, folks. And even though I know that that's where these guys ought to be, out there, serving with all their hearts, 

I just...ah. I miss them.

Note to oldies who read this: Don't think that I'm a little munchkin just because I have missionary friends and get excited by letters. I'll soon be older than 21 as well.
P.S. I got a cute little dog decoration thing with my most recent purchase at Victoria's Secret. If you don't agree that that place is utter spectacular-ness, than I would invite you to not read this blog. Just kidding, mom.

P.P.S. I am pretty confident that the size of this picture will be a little bit into my other margin, but I don't even care, blogger world. Deal.

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