So exhausted that Jake fell asleep on the way home from dinner, haha.

This past weekend, Jake and I went on a little road trip to visit one of his old mission companions in Tetonia, Idaho! It was short, but sweet, and we packed in a lot of fun in one day! 

I don't know that everyone would love to travel the way Jake and I do, haha. We're pretty relaxed, and we like to enjoy ourselves, so we really don't rush anything. For example: we decided to take off Friday night after Jake got off work. He met me at my place around 4:20, and we sort of moseyed around as I finished getting ready, casually finding snacks for the road, stopping every couple of minutes to cuddle a lit bit (haha), and then finally getting out the door a few minutes before 5:00. Being on the road with Jake is always one of my favorite parts of our adventures. You just never know what you're gonna get with Jake, haha. It was a blast singing and dancing in the car, and the 5 hour drive went by quickly. We stopped for dinner at Wingers somewhere along the way, so we didn't end up making it to his friend Braden's house until close to 11:00. But once we got there, we were going non-stop! 

It was great to finally meet Braden and his girlfriend Jenna, and after a few minutes of introductions, we all grabbed our swimsuits and headed to the pool! We sat in the hot tub and swam around the pool until one in morning. 

Saturday morning, after making and eating breakfast, we went on a rzr voyage! I don't know if I've ever gotten dirt/dust in so many places before? We drove around for a couple of hours, so I'm not kidding when I say we were COVERED in dirt. The boys' hair looked gray, and Jake kept joking that my eyelashes were so covered in dirt that there were little puffs of dust every time I blinked. We all looked pretty funny. Eventually we drove to a little lake, where we planned to throw on our swimsuits and jump in for a while. There were so many people there when we got there though, that there wasn't really anywhere to change! But there was a rope swing that I didn't want to miss, so we grabbed ahold of that and jumped in anyway with all our dirty clothes on. It was so cold! But it was nice to wash all that dirt off. That is, until we jumped back in the rzr to head home for dinner, haha. 

The rest of the night was spent getting cleaned up, stopping for some famous Huckleberry shakes and BBQ, scouting for elk, and then ending the night by turning on a movie. I was told they decided upon and watched Zorro, but if I'm bein' honest, I was out before they even picked the movie, haha. What a fun and exhausting day! 

We wanted to make it back for our own wards, so Jake and I left Sunday morning at 6:00. So we really were only there for a day, but it was 100% worth it! We had an absolute blast! We can't wait to make the same trip next weekend when we go to visit my friend Carlee and and hit up Jackson Hole! 

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