Personal Statement.


I'm full of contradictions, but contradict that theory often. I go to work, but prefer to make videos. I prioritize my life, yet sometimes make unpredicted things a priority. I expect consistency, but consistently expect change. I spend too much time on meaningless things, yet never neglect the things that mean so much. I surmount obstacles, but sometimes obstacles surmount my motivation. 
My plans are flawed, but I know the plan for me is flawless. 

Last night was really perfect for me. My roommate, Cami, and I asked our guy friends to build us a fire, and pretty soon it turned into 20 of us laughing over s'mores and roasted starbursts. There are some really good people out there. 
And I'm really lucky, cause I've got them right here. 



  1. Please write more, because I love it when you do :) Very poetic personal statement! :) Glad you're happy :)

  2. Whenever I think I've already met the very best people, I meet more incredible people. Life is full of richness and depth and beautiful people, Kalynn. I'm talking truly beautiful people. You will find them when you seek them out in the right places. And because beauty attracts beauty, you will most likely find them everywhere you go.