GLMR 2014


The first and only time I met Matthew's dad was at one of Matthew's Junior Jazz games. I maybe (definitely) had a big crush on Matthew and couldn't pass up the opportunity to sit by his dad. So I did, and I'll always be so glad that I did, because he passed away just a few weeks later. Our friend Braden was on Matt's team, and he used to purposely pronounce my name wrong because he knew it annoyed me. haha. So, to get back at him, I would always pronounce his name "Bra-den." (Clever, I know.) So I'm sitting at the game, next to Matthew's dad, we haven't said anything to each other, when Braden makes a 3 pointer! so I shout, "Whooo, go Bra-den!" I remember immediately feeling stupid and thinking that Matthew's dad was going to think I'm an idiot haha. But he just started laughing and said something like, "I knew that boy wore a bra!" 
Haha, he had an awesome sense of humor. He seemed like the happiest guy in the world! I wouldn't have ever guessed he suffered from depression.

The GLMR is being hosted tomorrow morning. It's a beautiful ride that not only allows friends and family honor Gary Ludlow and what he loved to do most, but also helps raise awareness of those who suffer from mental illness. There's still time to register for the ride, donate, or even just come serve as a volunteer. Remember in my last post how we talked about doing something
Now's your chance!

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