Day 2.


Oh, hey! 
"Whaaaaat?? Kalynn blogging two days in a row?! I thought she only blogged once every 4 months?" 
I know. I deserve a frozen Reeses. Or something.
Here's the thing. I love writing. I'm not in school anymore, and I miss writing. I've been keeping a word document, that I actually named "blog," but it's not as good as actually writing in my blog, because it doesn't include all of you. (All of you most likely meaning my sister and mother.) So yes. You may see me around these parts more often. 

Let's talk.

I've been trying to keep an open mind when it comes to the "d word."
Dating, that is.
I mean, it's pretty much crammed down your throat whether you like it or not.
The one complaint I have about living in a Mormon bubble, more or less.
Just kind of seems like the same story over and over, doesn't it?
Returned missionary, unsure about what he wants to do with his life,
either wants to marry the first girl he sees post-mish or
plays girls like they're musical instruments. 

I just want someone who knows what they want.
Someone who lives in the world and refrains from being of the world.
Someone who loves the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as much as I do. 
Someone who is in no rush to get married, but certainly holds it as a priority. 
Someone who becomes my best friend.
Someone who is 172% down for building blanket forts to eat dinner in.
Someone who laughs at my lame jokes and is always up for an adventure.
Someone who doesn't take my crap, but someone who lets me win when I know I'm right- haha!
Someone whose example encourages me to live a little better each day.

I might put up a Craigslist "missed connections" ad.
Good idea?

Just kidding, mom. 


  1. I about fell off my chair last night when I saw your first post in weeks and about died just now seeing your second. I couldn't be happier about you writing again.

    You deserve the best in the whole world. Love you, Kay. :)

  2. I too have missed your writings. You have such a talent.. Sometime I use to think that you must get these writings from somewhere else, because they are that good! They are so fun to read.. And don't worry.. that "L" word will come in due time.. though I know you're not worried.. and thanks for not putting that Craig's list ad in.. I appreciate not having to worry about that too!

  3. If you ever write the ad, let me be the one to interview first cuts. I'll have nolan come with his gun and we will make sure he fits our criteria, first and foremost being that he listens to jack johnson and Dave Ramsey on a regular basis.