Day 3.


Today I was thinking about the last visit I had with this little guy. He was screaming at me because I wouldn't let him have a chocolate cupcake before he ate his breakfast. 

I will be the first to say that I get nostalgic for naivety. 
I miss the days of believing evil was just the arch-nemesis of happily ever after, confined to story books and Disney movies.
I wish I didn't have to worry about walking to my car alone in a dark parking lot,
or leaving my bedroom window unlocked so I can take in the natural air,
or trusting the simplest gesture of a stranger.
But while I understand the necessity for opposition in all things, it doesn't make the sting of deception any less disheartening.

When we're children, our biggest disappointment is not getting dessert when we want it. Then we come to the age in which decisions over our eating habits become dependent on our own discretion, our letdowns progress to amplify themselves immensely, and suddenly we're wishing our dilemmas were over that little cupcake. 

It's funny. Regardless of what people think, Heavenly Father has a plan. A perfect plan for every single person. And it will go on whether we believe in it or not. I love that. It comforts me to know that I don't need to worry about what I want, because it will work out in a way that gives me exactly what I need-- which is ultimately what I will want.

I love that as we live and learn to serve others, we are reciprocated those blessings. 
I love that trials of our faith simply reap a greater understanding and testimony of the Savior. 
I love that the blessings of the gospel are conditional; merciful, yet just.

See? Perfect.

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