You know what's exciting? My really really really good friend Matthew (Sparky*) Finn comes home on Wednesday! Remember two years ago when all my friends started leaving on their missions? Remember how exciting/depressing that was? I'm so, so excited for all of them to start coming HOME from their missions! I'm especially excited about this one. He really helped make my high school experience. We was into me during my most awkward high school days, and we even dated for a while. But mostly, we've just been best friends who enjoy creme soda runs and mid-day drives. He's never let me down and I know I can always count on him. These past two years have been so incredible for him, and he's grown into such a powerful person. I'm so excited to have my dear friend back!! And I'm getting ridiculously excited for all my soon-to-be returned missionary friends that will follow within the next couple of months. 

Plus, it gives me hope that someday two years will actually pass for my other Matthew, and he'll come home someday. 

Isn't it crazy how time passes? I remember graduating 2 and a half years ago and thinking how awesome it I'm like, who gives? Ha. Just kidding. All I'm saying is, time always goes by. It never stops passing. I guess I need to be more careful in how I'm spending that time. 

Anyway. Welcome home to the greatest friend a girl could ask for! Can't wait to see you, Sparky!! 

*Yes, I realize that it's weird to call a grown man Sparky. Old habits die hard, you know?

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