10 things I learned this weekend.


1: I find it hard to listen to anything but Frank Sinatra.
2: I feel better when my room is clean.
3: And cleaning is rejuvenating. 
4: I'm not really shy- I'm just an observer.
5: I'm ready to feel needed again.
6: Taking responsibility pushes me to do and be better.
7: Breakfast At Tiffany's (the movie, not the song) will never, ever get old and will always be my favorite.
8: And Moon River is my favorite song right now.
9: Long solo drives are like meditation for me.
10: I'm a wreck. 


  1. kalynn your blog is my favorite. hope you're doing okay missy. let me know if you need anything. keep your head up.

  2. I am also in love with "Moon River". And having your favorite person in the world gone for two years is so hard! Hang in there! Love you! See you... not soon enough! :)