Early fall has always been one of my very most favorite times of the year! Autumn colors, my birthday, pumpkin carving, hot chocolate, and Halloween!

I don't know exactly what you'd call my costume this year. People would ask, "Are you Dorothy?" "Are you Wendy?" And I just kept replying that I was ....a german girl? Matthew sent me this dress from Germany, and he wanted me to wear it for Halloween so badly. He told me that he made sure to pick the color of dress that would go best with my skin tone and hair color. Haha. So I googled pictures of authentic german styles and tried to copy them. I guess Dorothy/Wendy was the result, but I told everyone to just call me Gerta. 

My last week of October was filled with a big Halloween party with my good friend Austin, a cookie decorating contest at work, filming an engagement video for a sweet friend from St. George (stay tuned!), Thriller at Tuacahn, a bridal shower for Matthew's sister, carving pumpkins, and passing out candy to cute kids. How was the spooky holiday for the rest of you?

I don't know how November got here so quickly, but I'm sure ready for it! 

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